Manchester United dark days Mason Greenwood

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Manchester United dark days Mason Greenwood.

The UFABET has released an analysis of the possibility of Mason Greenwood’s future with Premier League club Manchester United. After he was cleared of allegations assault and attemp defence. Raped an ex-girlfriend earlier this week.

As you may recall, earlier this year. The 21-year-old was arrest by Manchester police. And charge with acts of violence. Mayhem and trie to rape his girlfriend Shortly thereafter. The Red Devils announced the player’s ban from involvement in the club. Until the trial was completed. 

Including various private sponsors also withdrew.

Greenwood’s future at Manchester United was equally bleak at the time. With the club’s tumultuous performance also losing their young striker hopefuls through illicit personal behaviour. Go away again but had to accept the professionalism of the club that received the ball promptly. While encouraging the police with full legal proceedings until verdict is reached.

No one thought that Greenwood would escape the hands of the law. Because, as you know, in England, the law is strictly and straightforwardly enforced, even where you stand out if you find evidence of wrongdoing. The chances of survival are very small.

Meanwhile, the next option is A move to the MLS could see Greenwood earn more money. The same goes for stars who have played in Europe, such as Lorenzo Insigne, who earns £200,000 a week, the highest in the league, while ex-Liverpool winger Xherdan Shaqiri earns £200,000 a week . £1150,000 a week Former Manchester United striker Chicharito earns £95,000 a week and Gonzalo Higuain earns £85,000 a week.

But the Mirror sees that given the current Red Devils striker situation, MLS probably won’t want to shell out for such a high salary, even Christian Benteke, who just moved to DC United last summer. to receive just 63,000 pounds per week only

Likewise, if Greenwood decides to move to play on European soil. Which, of course, must be the top leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, Kaloch Serie A or Ligue 1, but all of these wages are still behind the Premier League, so it’s difficult. He can get the same amount he wants.