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“Celery juice” and its benefits and disadvantages 

“Celery juice” or freshly squeezed celery juice is popular among all health lovers right now. It has been recommended over and over and advertised as a health drink with low energy content. and high in nutrients Therefore, it is popular for people who are losing weight. But although it is very useful There

“Eating spicy food” often causes what kind of disease?

“Spicy” Some people may have known that “spicy” is not a flavor, but rather a pain that is perceived from certain compounds in chili peppers. Still, we have to admit that spicy food is a favorite of many people. Especially Thai people Because it can increase your appetite. However, the food

Gray hair, the more you pull it, the more it grows!

Have you ever heard a friend, sibling, or even a hairdresser tell you that if you find gray hair , don’t pull or pluck it because it will make the hairs next to it gray as well? What’s more, there may be gray hair spreading all over