Is it true that you have a “hernia” because you don’t wear “underwear”?

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All young men have probably heard the saying, Not wearing underwear Be careful of a hernia. Until many people think Some hernias come from not wearing underwear. But the truth is that hernias can occur in both men and women. Plus, the real cause isn’t from not wearing underwear. Today, let’s get to know this disease even more.

What causes a hernia?

The group of surgeons at Praram 9 Hospital said that “hernia” is when any organ in the abdomen moves, creating a hole and membrane sticking out. Wearing or not wearing underwear has the same chance of getting a hernia because underwear cannot strengthen the abdominal wall. ทางเข้า ufabet

Causes of hernia

Factors that cause hernias include:

  • Abdominal abnormalities since birth
  • increasing age
  • There was a serious accident with the abdomen.
  • Having high intra-abdominal pressure from exertion and lifting heavy objects
  • Frequently cough or sneeze heavily
  • Frequent straining to pass stool or urinate
  • The abdominal wall is weak after abdominal surgery.
  • smoking
  • have obesity

Males are more at risk than females. From the above factors This leads to the belief that not wearing underwear will cause hernias. not true 

The most common type of hernia in men is an inguinal hernias (Inguinal Hernia), which is found mostly in men aged 40 years and over. If the symptoms have not been there for a long time, they will find a lump in the groin area along with abdominal pain. But if left untreated for a long time, The hernisa will become larger and run down into the testicle. It can lead to complications such as intestinal obstruction.

Types of hernia

Hernias are divided into 2 types according to the severity of the disease:

  1. A hernias that can be pushed back into the abdominal cavity
  2. protruding hernias Unable to return to the abdominal cavity Because there is a blockage at the neck of the hernia sac. This can cause intestinal blockage and ischemia. Intestinal gangrene can occur. 

How to treat a hernia

Hernias can be treated using laparoscopic surgery. It is surgery with specialized tools. It is one of the popular methods. Using an endoscope to remove the abdominal wall. This method helps keep the wound small. Less pain and quick recovery Reduce the risk of infection Patients can return to recuperate at home after surgery. and can return to normal life quickly