hearing loss danger from loud noise

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hearing loss danger from loud noise

Acute is a disease that can happen to anyone of any gender and age. However, hearing loss or acute is a disease. That can be cured. If it is not enough, but if the patient or person who already has ยูฟ่าเบท this disease. If you leave the symptoms for a long time, you may lose your hearing. Therefore, people with hearing loss or acute can suffer. You should see a doctor immediately to receive treatment. So that severe symptoms do not occur.

Hearing loss or acute is 

Hearing loss or acute is a condition in which our hearing nerves Symptoms deteriorate immediately or symptoms occur in a short period of time. 90 percent of people with this disease do not know the cause and origin of the disease, but only 10 percent of people know the cause and origin of the disease.

Acute unknown cause

1. acute can caused by a viral infection such as the virus that causes measles, influenza. which these diseases May result in inflammation of the nerves and auditory nerve cells, which may cause the organs to function abnormally.  

2. Blockage of blood vessels Blockage of blood vessels results in blood being unable to can bypass the auditory nerve cells. The cause of this symptom is due to

– Acutely constricted arteries may be caused by stress or due to insufficient rest.

– Symptoms of deterioration of blood vessels that deteriorate with age or may have certain diseases that cause our blood vessels to narrow or become narrower, such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, and diabetes.

– thick blood juice

– Blood clots in the arteries may be caused by inflammation of the blood vessels or by certain diseases such as heart disease.

How to prevent hearing loss?

1. Should avoid listening or hearing loud noises.

2. Avoid use that affects the ears.

3. Reduce the intake of salty foods and reduce the drinking of beverages. that stimulates the nervous system

4. Exercise regularly. To reduce stress 

5. Get enough rest.