Gray hair, the more you pull it, the more it grows!

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Have you ever heard a friend, sibling, or even a hairdresser tell you that if you find gray hair , don’t pull or pluck it because it will make the hairs next to it gray as well? What’s more, there may be gray hair spreading all over your head. So we had to secretly cut some. Dye your hair to cover it up. But…what is the real story? Go see the answer from the program Did You Know…? Let’s go together. ทางเข้า

The more gray hair is pulled, the more it gets?

It’s not true. Pulling out gray hairs is not a factor that will increase the number of gray hairs that turn white.

How does gray hair happen?

Occurs from the pigment (melanin) that we create. There are 2 tones: yellow mixed with red. and brown mixed with black Normally, hair follicles produce less pigment with age. As people age, their hairs color gradually fades until it becomes gray or white.

How do I lose hair?

Normally, hair has its own life cycle. Can fall off But it doesn’t fall off permanently. Can grow again from the hair follicles under the skin.

Why have I seen two hairs grow out of the same spot?

1 hair root can create 1 hair, even if it is cut or plucked. We were unable to make any additional hairs grow, but we saw two hairs growing from the same spot. It could be because there are 2 hair follicles at that point.

Even if I pluck out my gray hair It won’t cause more gray hair. But it shouldn’t be withdrawn anyway.

Because of frequent hairs pulling Especially anyone who has a lot of gray haisr that they often pluck. May cause damage to the hair follicles. It may cause no new hair to grow from the hair follicle, thinning hair, or premature baldness. I don’t know.