Fears or phobia that can happen to anyone.

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Fears or phobia that can happen to anyone.

1. Fear of holes (Trypophobia)

Trypophobia: Has anyone ever had this? When you see something that looks like a hole or a hole with a lot of spots, you will feel afraid, don’t want to look, disgusted, goosebumps, and will feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to go near that thing. Whether it is holes created by humans or naturally occurring, such as corals, shower seeds, holes in concrete walls, honeycombs, Some people have this kind of fear of holes to the point of trembling, vomiting, weak knees, and feeling completely unwell.

2. Fear of missing a mobile phone (Nomophobia)

That’s right, everyone. You heard me right, there really is a symptom like this, with the fear of missing a cell phone. The fear of being without a smartphone. Which is like the 33rd organ of our body, is gone. That is because today we use smartphones all the time in our daily lives. If there is a period of time when you are not playing or not catching, https://ufabet999.app you will feel irritated. I will be using my cell phone all the time while doing other activities such as eating, driving, going to the bathroom. If anyone has this type of phobia, it not only has a negative effect on their mind. It also affects health. Whether it causes wrist pain, tendons, eye fatigue, and dry eyes as well.

3. Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder (Social Anxiety Disorder) is believe something that many people have experienced. I can see it since I was in school. to working life, for example, when studying, having to go out and present work in front of the class

As for work, for example, selling work to customers, patients with this type of phobia will have nervous symptoms. Feeling uncomfortable, uncomfortable, nervous, heart palpitations, hands shaking, voice trembling, sweating profusely when in public and There are situations where others stare at oneself. Often have the thought. That people around them will view themselves in a negative light or are afraid of being criticized. From people around you in a bad way, sure enough.

4. Fear of germs (Mysophobia)

Because cleanliness must come as number 1, even more so with a COVID situation like this. It is this fear of germs that will keep us safe. In this type of phobia, the patient has severe anxiety about dirt or various germs. It is said that he cannot touch dirt at all. I feel afraid every time I have to come into contact with things that are public. Including not allowing anyone to touch personal items at all. Any used item that touches someone else’s hand must cleane immediately for fear of germs entering it. After reading up to this point, many people are probably thinking that now we have a fear of germs.

5. Catoptrophobia (fear of mirrors)

Mirror phobia is a type of phobia characterize by fear of various mirrors or surfaces that have a reflection. This is because of the mirror. It is related to the patient’s mind. This causes patients to be afraid of being stared at through the mirror or feel uncomfortable. with a picture of yourself reflected through the mirror Side effects that occur as well There will be difficulty breathing. Dizziness, lightheadedness, profuse sweating, fast heartbeat, or sometimes not being able to speak or think clearly.

6. Fear of blood (Hemophobia)

Have you ever heard of it? with the symptoms of people who are afraid of blood Anyone who has seen blood has fainted and lost consciousness until those around them could hardly support them. Hemophobia is a severe and unreasonable fear of blood. Is in the group of phobias that have abnormalities. Similar to a neurological disease That makes it difficult for us to breathe, the heart beats faster and faster, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating. The reasons why patients have these symptoms are: It may be because he has injure. from a traumatic event So it makes me feel afraid.

7. Fear of needles (Trypanophobia)

We often see many children cry. When they given injections and even some adults. His face was pale and he felt like he would faint every time he got the injection. This type of needle phobia may also call a disease. Where there are negative thoughts towards doctors, nurses, or medical procedures, or it can simply summarized as having had a past fascinated with this type of treatment since childhood until adulthood. This type of needle phobia can severe to the point of refusing all medical treatment.