5 signs showing symptoms of colon cancer

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5 signs showing symptoms of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a disease that is often overlook, with most people tending to give more importance to other diseases. But in reality, the disease that we must give importance and care about is colon cancer because people Most people. Who have ufabet https://ufabet999.app colon cancer are diagnosed with severe symptoms. It is therefore difficult to treat or sometimes you may have to do chemotherapy to treat colon cancer.

1. Chronic constipation

chronic constipation It is considered a starting point. of the risk of developing colon cancer which is chronic constipation It is a serious matter that many people often think. It’s a normal symptom of the body, but if you’re constipated every once in a while, it probably won’t be a problem. But if the symptoms of pregnancy are long-lasting, continuous, and consistent, sitting means It’s starting to get dangerous, and it means your body. has an excretory system It is of poor quality. It is also a warning sign that your intestines may have problems or may have abnormalities such as intestinal inflammation or irritable bowel syndrome. Constipation can be resolved by drinking more water. But if you try to do it. If your constipation doesn’t improve at all, you should see your doctor to check your intestinal health. To check what’s wrong with the intestines

2. The stool has blood in it.

In this way, we must use a little observation when defecating because it will let us know if our intestines have something abnormal or not. When we defecate and there is blood mixed in with it, that is a sign. A warning that indicates that our intestines are starting to have abnormalities. If you’re not sure, try observing that. How is the stool? If it is abnormally small, it is wise to consult a doctor to find out exactly what the cause of this symptom is and to find a cure so that we can be sure that Do we really have colon cancer?

3. Weight loss despite eating the same amount.

This symptom is another symptom. that expresses itself to us The cause can be observed most clearly. But for many people, it may be considered a good thing. That your body weight has decreased even though you eat the same amount as before. But if you think carefully about the fact that you eat the same amount as before. And then the weight decreased. It is a matter Unlikely If our body My body weight is still normal. It’s still the same. But an abnormal decrease in body weight is considered a warning signal. We should be careful and consult a doctor. immediately to find the cause of reduced body weight

4. The excretory system is abnormal.

That our body Having abnormalities, easy diarrhea, frequent constipation is another warning sign. that we can observe and that the excretory system in our body. There is that abnormality. It is considered an early symptom of colon cancer in the early stages that can be observed. But if you think These symptoms Caused by eating habits Try changing it. By eating hot food, eating clean, cooked food, but if adjusted It’s still the same. It’s probably our digestive system and intestines

5. There is a risk from family members.

If our father and mother Have colon cancer or someone in our family If someone has colon cancer, we also have a chance of getting colon cancer. more than normal people But not all. Most people with colon cancer are not at risk. But how? We should protect and be careful whether we are a risk group or not. We can prevent it. by eating that affects the digestive system That makes the digestive system work well and you should avoid grilled, fried, and high-fat foods.