The Jaunt team brings together a variety of perspectives on the future of digital media. Our backgrounds range from media innovation in India to technology consulting in New York. We are a diverse team with a singular obsession: revolutionizing storytelling.

We also all share a sense of disappointment with the state of the media at present. We feel that digital journalism leaves something to be desired; the words and pictures on your screen rarely connect you to something tangible or provide a truly new experience. At Jaunt, we provide a premium storytelling platform that caters to all of your senses. What gets us excited is, for the first time, telling the local stories of your city in their totality.



Let us tell your story. Giving Jaunt as a gift, whether to an individual or to your client list, is an incredibly bespoke way of conveying significance. We can fill bulk orders of select back issues, craft a “City Box” consisting of our editor’s picks from a particular city, or include stories and objects that relate specifically to you.

So whether it is for your wedding or a corporate gift order, we are eager to hear from you. We are presently focusing exclusively on Detroit. Write us, gifts@jauntdetroit.com.


You can reach us about anything at hello@jauntdetroit.com and we promise to respond within 24 hours. Storytelling is not always a one-way street and we would like to hear from you.

If you are writing to us because you are interested in working at Jaunt or contributing to our publication, please send those enquiries to work@jauntdetroit.com and we will respond if we think it is a fit.


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