Jaunt delivers exceptional, unique stories from around your city and sends you a box of artifacts that bring those stories to life.

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These are the hidden threads that hold a community together – fascinating people, forgotten histories, untold whimsy – and connect us to where we are from.



Through quality writing sprinkled with beautiful video, audio, photography, and maybe even a comic or interactive graphic, we craft an unmatched journalism experience. Enjoy Jaunt on your favorite screen wherever you like.


We don’t just write stories, we send them to you so you can taste them, hold them, wear them, or maybe even participate in them. Each issue, our subscribers receive a box of artifacts. Like the stories themselves, many are unique and cannot be bought elsewhere.



Jaunt Beta Issue

Letter from the Publisher

Sole Searching

A Collaborative Story on Art’s Transformative Power

“At the age of 9 my grandfather gave me a paintbrush – it was magic. So so beautiful. Fireworks went off in my head, my hand was on fire, and I knew that was my calling.” Recalls Tyree Guyton, creator of the Heidelberg Project, an art project covering several blocks of Detroit’s inner city. We involve subscribers in a new installation on Heidelberg Street via the art piece we send you.

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feather lines

Feather Lines

A Tale of Evasion, Love, and Time Travel

Jacklyn was following her husband, an artist, and Ric was fleeing the FBI while rising through the ranks of the anti-war movement in the 1970’s. In 1988, their paths collided in the Scarborough Renaissance Festival outside Dallas, Texas.

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City of Glass

Detroit’s History With This Effusive Medium

Glass is a more significant part of Detroit than the detritus found broken on its streets or in the hollow eyes of its abandoned buildings. Broadly categorized, Detroit is shared territory for three realms of glass: stained, industrial, and studio glass.

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pickle wars

Pickle Wars

An Armistice Between Detroit’s Pickle Entrepreneurs

The quiet emptiness of Eastern Market on a Monday betrays this normally chaotic battle venue. Around a table at the center of the lifeless market sit the belligerents: Joe McClure of McClure’s Pickles and David Klingenberger of The Brinery.

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Detroit’s Denim

The New Face of America’s Jean

Towards the back of the Ponyride Building, a new shared venture space bought at a foreclosure auction in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, are the sewing machines of Eric Yelsma’s Detroit Denim operation.

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My First Duel

An 1833 First-Person Account of A Duel in Brazil

Taken without alteration from the April 3, 1833 edition of the Detroit Free Press is a digital republication of this detailed account of a British man’s brush with death.

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The Smoke of Pines

The Myth of the World’s First Black Tea

Legend says it began by accident, with Qing Dynasty factory workers wanting to rush the drying process by using pine wood fires. Lapsong Suchong, the famously smoky Chinese black tea, was born.

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Pieces of Road

An Homage to America’s Roads

Detroit’s contribution of the automobile also meant the creation of “the open road.” In this audio story, writer Alan Kesselheim recounts his first time leaving home: packing his car and hitting the road.

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